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Brief History

World Leaders, Spouses, and Capital Cities 1st Jul 2024

The Brief History on the left tracks human history from the Babylonian Empire ca 500BC to today, taking specific note of the major changes since the Renaissance and the opening up of the world since 1500.

The World Leaders, Spouses and Capital Cities on the right provides a snapshot of today, sorted

  1. The West Germany, France, Italy, UK, USA, Oceania including Australia
  2. The Middle East
  3. The East Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Bangla Desh, Myanmar, China ... Japan ... Indonesia

The countries can be sorted alphabetically

English Written and Spoken Timeline

Bible in English Timeline

The English Written and Spoken Timeline looks at it today worldwide, traces its growth after the Normans, provides a link to an excellent Shakespeare concordance sonnets and plays, looks at fairy tales, and links to other famous books over the past 300 years.

The Bible in English on the right traces the history of the Bible since Moses (3500 years ago), via Ezra and the template he set up in the temple ca 400BC, the Greek Septuagint translation started ca 250BC, and then a timeline through to today.

7 days

Bible Timeline

The 7 days timeline on the left is an "endeavour" to make some sense of Genesis 1 in alignment with science and current Judaeo-Christian understanding of the cosmos.

The Bible timeline on the right endeavours to remain faithful to the Hebrew and the Greek text regarding civilisation, and reconcile all the dates to mainstream Hebrew, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox timelines.

Australian History and Brisbane

Before Banks
Australia's Rum Currency, UK Currency, AU Currency (and wages) ever since 1788

The Australia Timeline on the left looks at early Sydney, Indigenous issues, Federation and Citizenship, then provides a complete timeline on Brisbane from early maps and settlement to the arrival of the national retailers

The "Before Banks" timeline on the right looks at how we managed before banks — the Rum, the UK, and the Australian Currencies we used and also a Minimum Wage (compared with US debt) timeline since 1788.

Florence Lira and the Gold Standard (1252-today)

Foreign Exchange Statistics

The Currency Timeline on the left (1252-today) has been updated daily for many years, it shows currency values (including Bitcoin) in terms of US dollars.

The Foreign Exchange Snapshot on the right lists the Major Currencies reported by BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in foreign exchange trade (via the major international banks) with 88% of all trade in 2022 (currently $US7½ trillion daily) involving the buying or selling of $US.

Foreknowledge and Plans of the Heart

Home Page

The page on the left issues some thoughts on God's foreknowledge and love.

The page on the right is my Home Page.