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About UsSWCS Media provides resources and links with a view to answering difficult questions at this most amazing time we are living through. Through the New Testament it reconciles our timeline via the Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians, back to Noah and Adam with that Hebrew timeline click here which says that the year Sep 16 2023 - Oct 3 2024 CE is 5784 AM or 5,784th Anno Mundi - Year of the Cosmos following 5,783 years since Adam.
In the Ethiopian timeline employed by the government in Ethiopia, based on the Greek Septuagint and an early teacher named Hippolytus, 1732 years were added to those Hebrew years with the current year becoming 7516 AM, or 2016th birth year of Christ.

In this reconciled New Testament timeline, it's 6,042nd year based on 2008 years of The Father — Adam to Abraham, 2008 years of The Son — Isaac to Jesus, 2008 years of The Holy Spirit — Establishing the Kingdom, then a statement of "peace" on Rosh Hashanah on Sep 23rd 2006. Click here to see these New Testament timelines, reconciling dates to mainstream Hebrew (Adam 3760BC) Orthodox (Adam 5500BC) and Protestant (Adam 4004BC).
What does that mean?
We have his promise, there's nothing covered up that won't be revealed. And we've never had so much historic data, timelines published worldwide, at our fingertips.

So, click here for the timeline of the translations of our Bible.

We just need to be persuaded that every word in the Greek and Hebrew texts published back in the 1500s together with Jerome's Latin translation published way back in 405, reflected God's edited protected inspired oracles having zero errors when establishing facts. Certainly billions of printed and electronic bible translations in every language are based on those scripts, coming from a much **simpler era (and vocabulary). And then, reconcile the historic timelines, whenever discrepancies were entered knowingly (or not) elsewhere.

** From the first Hebrew word "B'resh ith" (In the beginning) in Genesis 1:1 to the last word "Amen" in Revelation 22:21, scholars (and computer programs) have counted 443,114 words in the original languages — 304,901 words in the 22 letter alphabet Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament and 138,213 words in the 24 letter alphabet Greek New Testament latest NA28 edition click here for further details.

"And we hold more certain the prophetic word, to which you do well taking heed, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until this day shall have dawned, and the Lightbearer shall have arisen in your hearts.
First knowing this, that any prophecy of scripture does not come into being of its own private interpretation.
For the prophecy was not brought at any time by man's choice, but being brought of the Holy Spirit, men spoke from God." 2 Peter 1:19-21


Click here for a snapshot showing an SWCS worldview of history
Introduction to SWCS
  1. A Brief History tracking human history from the Babylonian Empire ca 500BC to today, taking specific note of the major changes since the Renaissance and the opening up of the world since 1500
  2. World Leaders, Spouses and Capital Cities providing a snapshot of today: West, Middle East, East

  1. The English Written and Spoken Timeline
  2. The Bible in English tracing the history of the Bible through to today
  3. The 7 days timeline, an "endeavour" to make some sense of Genesis 1 in alignment with science and current Judaeo-Christian understanding of the cosmos
  4. The Bible timeline reconciling all the dates to mainstream Hebrew, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox timelines
  5. The Australia timeline looking at early Sydney, Indigenous issues, Federation and Citizenship, and a complete timeline on Brisbane
  6. The "Before Banks" timeline looking at how we managed before banks — the Rum, the UK, and the Australian Currencies we used and also a Minimum Wage (compared with US debt) timeline since 1788
  7. The Worldwide Currencies and the Gold Standard (1252-today) timeline (including Bitcoin)
  8. The Foreign Exchange Snapshot listing the Major Currencies reported by BIS in foreign exchange trade
  9. Some thoughts on God's foreknowledge and love
  10. and a link back to this home page


160 pages that may change your lifeClick here for an introduction on starting to read the Bible.


Gideon Bible App available via iTunes or GooglePlayClick here for background on the Gideon Bible App available for free download in numerous languages via Apple iTunes   or   via GooglePlay on Android smartphones. Ever since 1908, Gideons International have been distributing bibles to hotels and hospitals, schools, colleges and jails at no charge. Click here for further background on this Gideons International organization.


Click here for background on the Blue Letter Bible, featuring a Study Bible and Bible Study tools. To download its App with its concordance and word search and other tools, click on Apple iPhones/iPads   or   on Android to read about and install.


Bible LeagueClick here for another wonderful Bible-based ministry — Bible League International working with the under-resourced Church globally through the provision of Bibles, biblical resources, and training via local churches. Click here for FAQ regarding their Australian arm.


David Cameron British PMClick here for an Easter Message from David Cameron British PM in 2016


Beautiful NameClick here for the Hillsong Grammy award in January 2018 for "What a Beautiful Name"


Margaret Court with husband Barry, daughter Marika and grandchildren Daisy and JemimaClick here for the front page Australian article — Pastor, helper, champion: Margaret Court takes defiant stance in the court of public opinion


Billy Graham Nov 7 1918 - Feb 21 2018Click here for the Australian full page eulogy — Billy Graham Nov 7 1918 - Feb 21 2018 — the best known preacher of modern times

Archived snapshots of these web pages are also stored on The Wayback Machine (web.archive.org) from their latest snapshot all the way back to their snapshot on Feb 1st 2001.
There were two earlier snapshots by the Wayback Machine in November and December 2000, but they weren't so "pretty".

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