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Subject:King Solomon, lost, uncounted years, and new starts :-)

Building the First Temple

1505BCMarch-April Jews leave Egypt
932 BCMay-June Solomon's 4th year commences. He will start building the temple in the following April-May during this 4th year.
573calendar years (September to September)
-94uncounted, lost years in bondage in Canaan. Click here for more details.
479years of freedom since the Exodus. It is now the 480th “counted” year. Solomon spends 7 years working on the temple, ending in October-November 925 BC in his 11th year. He will now spend 13 years working on his palace.


Dedicating the First Temple

1505BCMarch-April Jews leave Egypt
912 BCSeptember-October Dedication of 1st temple, in Solomon’s 24th year.
593calendar years (September to September)
-94cycles in bondage in Canaan
499years of freedom are past, now commences the 500th “counted” cycle from Exodus. Fifty, or 500, is a number that follows seven sevens, or 70 times seven and relates to God’s freedom of forgiveness and worship. Inside the temple, it says the priests couldn’t stand to minister.


Solomon falling away from God

1465BC Joshua leads them into the land (1st year)
912 BC September-October Dedication of 1st temple
553 years or 79 sabbath years (which come every 7th year).

So it commences the 80th sabbath year cycle, ending 7 years later in Sep-Oct 905 BC.
Exactly 600 years from the Exodus.
Six is the number of man, and Solomon, for all his wisdom, turns from God to worshiping idols.


Building the Second Temple

April-May 931BC Foundation of the 1st temple by Solomon (second month of his 4th year of reigning)

April-May 452BC Foundation of the 2nd temple by Zerubbabel (second month of his 2nd year from the release)

Hmm, it again follows 479 cycles, this time between foundations, it comes the 480th cycle from the first temple’s foundation.
However, ongoing work is then delayed due to opposition, lack of prayer, indifference, until 70 years pass from the first temple's first destruction,
which will be 1070 years from that year the Jews first left Egypt in 1505 BC.


Finishing the Second Temple

435 BC Second temple recommences (in Persian king Darius's second year)

431 BC March-April Finishes (in Darius's sixth year) and 500 years from foundation of the 1st temple. A new start.

70 AD Second temple destroyed. 500 years from finish of second. Again, a new start, but this time with the Gentiles.

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