Spanish Flu 1918 - 1920

Some notes
Apparently, it was little reported in the papers except in Spain where the king got sick (but recovered). So from Spain, thus came its name. Some think it may have started in China.

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Three Phases:

  1. First outbreak - many infections but few deaths April, May 1918
  2. Second outbreak - huge mortality - August, September, October 1918
  3. Third outbreak - Spring 1919 /publication /11487892 Updating the Accounts Global Mortality of the 1918-1920 Spanish Influenza Pandemic

India 18.5 million
China between 4 - 10 million
Indonesia 1.5 million
Japan 250 thousand
Rest of Asia 400 thousand to 2 million
Australia perhaps 15 thousand (out of 5 million)
Canada 50 thousand
U.S.A. 675 thousand
Mexico 300 thousand
Rest of America 500 thousand
Europe&Russia a little over 2 million

Africa a little over 2 million

Perhaps 30 - 35 million deaths worldwide. Largest numbers by far were in Asia.

Note too that due to the weakness in formal record keeping, particularly in Asia and Africa, many attribute the deaths there to anywhere between 50 to 100 million, with 500 million (or one-third of the world) suffering from infection.

WW1 in contrast 20 million deaths, 20 million wounded

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