Recent email sent re the Internet in Australia June 19, 2014

Great seeing John, Tim, and Dave at Maccas after prayer and fellowship with Kingsley at the Church.

Guys, I’ve just updated my standard web page for smartphones (as well as PCs), very fast link, click on Christian Books and Media, and it’ll take you straight to an “etymologies” link, alphabetically sorted. Click on the image file below, you’ll see what I mean. Just added that work I spent “hours” on earlier this week on “book of judges” and “jubilee years”.

No video advertisements, hopefully fast response even on mobile coverage.

Talking about smartphones and mobile coverage outside Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Perth, further to John and Tim’s comments at Maccas, Whirlpool have a chat-page on this that has been running for two-three years. I looked through it, it’s long, but it has some good background.

The big issue with the Internet of course is there is no centralised network, if a packet of your data file, say 1500 bytes, isn’t acknowledged within say, one second, uploading or downloading over TCP/IP, the packet is simply resent at set intervals until it either gets through or you give up. With multi-megabyte image files, advertisements, movies, and hundreds of mobile users trying to grasp some small slice of radio spectrum on the same base station, you get noise db problems, and continual automatic resending, and it just compounds the issue. Hmmm, yes, poor Telstra.

With ADSL, at least you get a dedicated line as an individual user, though the telephone line quality at times is poor. Television coax cable is of course the best, it has 1000 times the spectrum of telephone cable, you may be sharing the spectrum with up to 200 other users simultaneously, but generally it’s pretty fast and good.

But getting back to that article above — it started in 2011 with a fair few queries/complaints, it’s a long article and still going, it hit a bit of a climax mid-last year with Telstra’s new, portable, smart antennas (boosting signals inside buildings) — you can pay them off at a good monthly rate. See the comments by bransby1 in this extract from the page.