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In Enid Blyton and Frank Richards and similar books, "first form" to "sixth form" are the British equivalent of 7th to 12th grade in US and Australia.

At Westminster School in London, the original shell-shaped apse at the north end of the school gave its name to the 'Shell' forms (Junior School) taught there and the corresponding classes at many other public schools.

In Frank Richards' Billy Bunter series the Remove Class is the focus for all the stories, where the term is used as a synonym for Lower Fourth. They were pupils who had been removed (moved on an academic year) from the class described as the Shell.

Extract from Wikipedia below on UK schools, old and new.

Key stage Year Final exam Age State funded schools State funded selective schools Fee paying independent schools
Early Years Nursery (or Pre-School) None, though individual schools may set end of year tests. 3 to 4 Primary Lower Infant Various 'gifted and talented' programmes within state and independent schools. Pre-preparatory
Reception (or Foundation) 4 to 5
KS1 Year 1 5 to 6
Year 2 6 to 7
KS2 Year 3 7 to 8 Junior
Year 4 8 to 9 Preparatory or Junior
Year 5 9 to 10 Middle
Year 6 SATs
A grammar school entrance exam, often the 11-plus
10 to 11
KS3 Year 7 None, though individual schools may set end of year tests, or mock GCSE exams. 11 to 12 Secondary Lower school Senior Grammar school and selective Academies
Year 8 12 to 13
Year 9 13 to 14 Upper Senior (Public/Private school)
KS4 Year 10 14 to 15 Upper school
Year 11 GCSE 15 to 16
KS5 Year 12 Advanced subsidiary level or school-set end of year tests. 16 to 17 College Sixth form
Year 13 A-Levels 17 to 18

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