Mind (Reason) and Soul (Passion)

In Latin JUNO MONETA (the "Queen" of heaven in Rome)
comes from the Hebrew word Mene Mene (Counting, Counted) i.e. minding the shop

  1. Mente in modern Italian and Spanish, Mental in German and French and also English, Mentaal in Dutch for Reasoning, Problem-solving, (very much a "me" thing)
  2. In Norway Minni, old German Minne (Love, Loving Memory)
  3. In modern German and Dutch Verstand (Fra-stand) i.e. Understanding, Capacity for Rational Thought, with Entendement, Intelligence, Comprendre being similar words in French
  4. In modern English -ment is a suffix of nouns, often concrete, denoting an action or resulting state
  5. In modern French, translation of Mind is Esprit (same word as "spirit")
  6. In modern German, translation of Mind is Geist (also same word for spirit)
  7. Finally, the words Thinking and Thought in English are based on Thanking (Old German)

    and the word for Intuition comes from Tutor (Guardian)


Soul (Passion)

  1. Italian Anima
  2. Spanish alma
  3. French Ame
    with the translation of "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength" in French becoming "Aime Dieu de tout ton coeur, de toute ton ame, de tout ton esprit et de toute ta force"
  4. German Seele (From the sea) with adjectives for mental activity being "seelisch", "mental", also "geistig".
  5. Norway Sjel
  6. Dutch Ziel with the word perhaps related to Zeal in Greek zelos


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