Copying and Pasting to Another Document

Select ALL items on the current webpageCTRL+A
COPY the selected items to the ClipboardCTRL+C
INSERT the contents of the Clipboard at the selected locationCTRL+V

Task Manager

See CPU and Memory also Disk WiFi Bluetooth and GPUPerformance

Windows Search

OPEN Windows+S
See Windows Version Winver (Run)
Manual Windows Update Update (Run)

Moving a window with your keyboard

  • Hold down the Alt key and press the Spacebar.
  • Press M (Move).
  • A 4-headed arrow will appear. When it does, use your arrow keys to move the outline of the window.
  • When you are happy with its position, press Enter.

Resizing a window with your keyboard

  • Hold down the Alt key and press the Spacebar.
  • Press S (Size).
  • A 4-headed arrow will appear. Press the arrow key that corresponds with the side of the window you want to change. A 2-headed arrow then enables resizing.
  • For example, if you want to drag the top of the window to make it bigger, press the up arrow until you are happy with its size.
  • When finished resizing, press Enter.

Using zoom

Increase zoom (+ 10%)CTRL+PLUS SIGN
Decrease zoom (- 10%)CTRL+MINUS SIGN
Zoom to 100%CTRL+0 (using the number 0 at the top of the keyboard)
Alternatively, hold the control key down and use the scroll wheel on the mouse

Working with tabs and windows from MS Edge

Open a new WindowCTRL+N
Open a new TABCTRL+T
Open a new TAB duplicating the Address barCTRL+SHIFT+K
Close current tab CTRL+W
Highlight the text in the Address bar to editALT+D
Open a new TAB after highlighting the Address barALT+ENTER
Open a new Window after highlighting the Address barSHIFT+ENTER

Other Shortcuts

Toggle between full-screen and regular viewing with browser menuF11 key
EXPLORE via the search boxCTRL+E
FIND on this pageCTRL+F
PRINT the current page or active frameCTRL+P
Mute the Current Tab (toggle)CTRL+M
Open a FILE from your computerCTRL+O
Reload the current page, ignoring cached contentCTRL+SHIFT+R
View SourceCTRL+U
Switch to next TABCTRL+TAB
Switch to previous TABCTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Switch to specific TABCTRL+1,2, … 8
Switch to last TABCTRL+9
Toggle PDF between fit to page, fit to widthCTRL+\
Rotate PDF counter-clockwiseCtrl+[
Rotate PDF clockwiseCtrl+]
Stop loading page, close dialogue or pop-upEsc

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