Judah - Dates for Descendants based on what is recorded in Genesis 38

Note - These are very much estimates only, as the scripture is most silent on the ages of these youths. While puberty for boys comes around, or just prior to the age of 12, to say there is considerable immaturity then is, I think, fair comment.

Early 1762 BCJudah born
EarlyMid 1750 BCJudah takes Shuah to be his wife
Early 1749 BCEr born
End 1749 BCOnan born
Early 1747 BCShelah born
1742 BCGenesis 37 now records the betrayal of Joseph at the age of 17
EarlyMid 1737 BCJudah takes Tamar to be a wife for Er. But Er was bad, evil in the Lord's eyes, and the Lord caused him to die.
Early 1736 BCJudah tells Onan to marry Tamar, to raise up children that would belong to his brother. Because the children would not be his, Onan refused to help Tamar conceive. That displeased the Lord, and the Lord caused him to die also.
Mid 1736 BCJudah tells Tamar to wait at her Father's house for Shelah to reach puberty as he's only 11. Judah has no intention of keeping his word however, having lost two sons.
End 1735 BCJudah's wife Shuah dies. Tamar tricks Judah and becomes pregnant by him. Judah, on learning the truth, acknowledges his betrayal of her.
Late 1734 BCTwins born - Pharez and Zerah

In 1721 BC, Hezron is born as the son of Pharez, and in 1720 BC Hamul is born as his second son. And Jacob takes both these great-grandchildren to Egypt Genesis 46:12

**End of Date Estimates