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On Thursday, February 23, 2017 1:07 PM, "Stephen Williamson" wrote:

Subject: Interesting conversation at Maccas. chatting about web browsers in the future

Thanks for that stimulating topic all, chatting about the, perhaps, “distant” future , and browsers, just had a bit of a “browse” via Wikipedia and Google on the source code all the current main browsers employ.

Those are the top 3 proprietary companies, currently follow MIT rules on web pages up to the HTML4 standard, and some/most of the HTML5 standard. But as dozens and dozens of new rules came out with HTML5, and new standards will come out, into the future, well, starting with Microsoft, they are taking longer and longer (if ever) to fully support the agreed standard. And Microsoft, having its 80-90% dominance on the desktop, does seem to take its time. And also, many of billions of people worldwide never upgrade. For this reason I endeavour to stick with more basic/classic rules, when possible, whenever coding a web page, and ask the “landing” device to give it its “best shot”.

FYI, here’s a useful page that checks current HTML5 compliance on your browser. https://html5test.com/

Interestingly, another browser wild card is Mozilla Firefox, it’s an “open-source” browser, meaning they freely publish their source code, and you can change it and compile it freely (at home) if you want to. Of the code, about one-third is written in C++, then about 40 other languages - Javascript, C, HTML, lots of others. Click here to read more.

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