Hi Mal, Anaru, Kingsley

Kingsley, I've included you in this, following our conversation.

And I've popped a link to these notes below on www.swcs.com.au/may14.asp

Mal, trust these thoughts make the points clearer.



14th May. A Significant Date

God's desire for a love relationship with his people

The Father: Adam to Abraham:

4018 BC - 2010 BC

2008 years

The Son: Abraham to Christ:

2010 BC - 2 BC

2008 years

The Holy Spirit: Christ to the coming of the peace agreement and the false messiah

2 BC - 2007 AD

2008 years

God's Government - judgment

2007 AD - 2014 AD

7 years



6031 years

So, we'll then have been 6000 years on our own, and will have had 31 years with the Son of God (the bridegroom) in our midst (2 BC - 31 AD). If Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born in the year 2 BC, his 1st birthday would have occurred in 1 BC, with his 2nd-31st birthdays then occurring in the years 1 AD - 30 AD..

So those years add up both ways :-) (yes, it's a bit like double entry book keeping).

If what I'm seeing is correct, the next 12 months is the last opportunity we Gentiles (that's including we Australians) have before we move from our current time of grace, to a time of government and judgment (perhaps the time of those words which say "Alas for those inhabiting the earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you having great anger, knowing what little time he has").

And God's emphasis will return (I think) to Israel for conversion and proclaiming purposes - in all the inhabited earth, for a testimony to all the nations as it says in Matthew 24. Further thoughts in Romans 11:25-26 and in the book of Revelation.

So yes, 12 months. Come Holy Spirit.

Blessings on you all,


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