How many words in the Hebrew and Greek Text?

From the first Hebrew word "B'resh ith" (In the beginning) in Genesis 1:1 to the last word "Amen" in Revelation 22:21, scholars (and computer programs) have counted 443,114 words in the original languages — 304,901 words in the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament, and 138,213 words in the Greek New Testament (latest NA28 edition).

With the Hebrew Old Testament, since at least the days of Ezra (if not further back) the Jewish scribes not only counted the words but even the letters to ensure there would be no error in their transmission. According to this page, there are 1,196,824 letters in the Hebrew Old Testament. The number of letters in the Torah (the five books of Moses) is 304,805, and the number of words is 79,976. See Jesus's words Matthew 5:17-20

With the Greek New Testament, word counts differ fractionally. According to this discussion, the Tyndale House edition has 138,015 words, a difference to the NA28 edition of 198 words, or about 0.143%. Although there is no single "perfect" manuscript of the New Testament, the functional differences between these published editions are minimal.

One scholarly account, Strongs Concordance first published in 1890, counted 8,674 unique Hebrew/Aramaic words excluding prefixes and suffixes with 641 words accounting for 80% of the Hebrew text. There are 5,523 unique words in Biblical Greek of which 319 account for 80% of the Greek text. For students with minimal (or zero) knowledge of the original alphabets, his numbering system has enabled them to start studying any Biblical Greek or Hebrew word by simply entering its code.

Click here for a Strongs Dictionary that lists these codes with the words, their meanings, and close variations.

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Click here for a verse by verse lookup that displays the Strongs code and also provides assistance with prefixes, suffixes, gender, person, and tense associated with each word.

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