Seven Days of Creation - thoughts adapted from an email sent - June 10, 2007

Ok guys. On many levels there is no way I'm ever going to comprehend nuclear physics, dark energy, quark confinement, all that stuff.

So humour me in this. I appreciate anyone's feedback :-)

Whether we measure time subjectively via a human heartbeat, or objectively via an electronic pulse in a digital timepiece, it is clear that, as Jewish physicist Albert Einstein said, measuring time is directly related to factors such as the gravity and velocity involved in that place where the measurement is taken.

A minute on the moon goes by more quickly than one of our minutes. A minute on the sun goes by more slowly. Click here for some additional background.

When God created the Heavens (the highest heights "out there") and the Earth (the place "down here"), first it was not - then it was - apparently a tiny speck - a situation of immense gravity and high temperature - then it expanded - stretched itself (in the first one hundred thousandth of a second following the big bang, it is thought the universe expanded to the size of our solar system - or about 3 trillion kms). And, based on the relativity law, as the universe was doubling its size and cooling - its gravity factor lessening - measuring that length of time by our perception - starting from back then till now - progressively sees our measurement of that time cut in half.

An analogy is to imagine watching a huge movie on earth broadcast at 24 frames per second from the sun. The first frame takes 8 minutes to arrive, after which the frames arrive in steady motion. But if we were to accelerate away from the sun, close to the speed of light, then each frame would take longer and longer before we could see it, until it would appear to us as if motion had stopped altogether, except within our immediate environment.

In the last days, the Scripture says, knowledge and travel will be increased. Lets see where this takes us.

Things in scripture are written for our instruction "upon whom the ends of the ages have come" :-)

Seven Days of God. Six Days prior to Man.

First, let's take 6 days from God's perspective multiplied by 1012 (this being a Jewish physicist's viewpoint of the ratio of time at the start of the universe until today) then divide that answer by 365 (and a bit) for number of years.

Puts you somewhere in the vicinity of 15,750 million years at this point in time, looking back.

Day 1. One dimension. Time "starts".

Genesis 1:1 first 7 Hebrew words and 28 letters (transliterated into English below)

B'R E Sh i Th   Ba R A   E   Lo H   i   M     E   Th  Ha'Sha May i M     V' E   Th  Ha'A Re Tz
Letters1 2 3  4  5 6 7   8 910 11 12 13 1415 1617 18   19   20 2122 23 2425 26 27 28
 In beginning (noun uses a feminine suffix)created (i.e. to cut, own, grow)God (uses a plural, masculine suffix)this is a tiny Hebrew word meaning that what follows is "accusative case" (i.e. the object after the verb)the heavens (literally "There, the waters", uses a plural masculine suffix)plus (another object)the earth (Dry place, uses a feminine suffix)

And so at the start - before which there is no "before" - God (whom the scriptures say the heaven of heavens cannot contain or "feed") created the heavens and the earth (i.e. the worlds - what we now refer to as the universe). And the earth was formless and empty with darkness over its "uproaring" face, and also with God's Spirit brooding upon the face of these waters - growth particles/waves (mayim). See Hebrews 11:3. Also this recent article on the Higgs Boson (or Carrier), a field having no mass, and best described by one mathematician as an "invisible sticky sea".

Also noting that while in the Old Testament a feminine noun is used for the Spirit (of God), in the New Testament it is a masculine noun — "ekeinos", neither neutral "ekeino" nor feminine "ekeine". It is used three times, objectively, with the meaning of "that person", yes, my view on it is that the Holy Spirit, the one who proceeds from the Father in the name of the Son, is gentle. He is a gentleman.

Let there be Light. Holography. And the universe "starts". Light is Day (focus) and Darkness is Night (twisting from this heat), black holes with "infinite" gravity. The abyss. This starting day lasts about 8,000 million years from our current perspective, 24 hours from God's starting perspective. Evening (blurring) and Morning (coming into focus) — one day.

However, the observable universe is as much as 93 thousand million light years in diameter, seen in events of the second day.

2nd Day. 7,750 million years ago. A two dimensional firmament: Let there be a division in the midst of the waters (stickiness).

A stretching dark expanse, a hammering into thin plate that now occurs at a set place inside the stickiness - forming a division called heaven. This day lasts about 4,000 million years. Referred to by many as the second heaven, in contrast to the first heaven (our atmosphere) and the third heaven (visited by Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-5). Nothing good is mentioned in connection with this day, unlike the others, and the second heaven has been associated by many with the imprisonment of angels who rebelled against God.

3rd Day. 3,750 million years ago. Three Dimensional Land and Plant life formed: Let the waters (stickiness) under the heaven be gathered together to become seas - and let the earth appear bringing forth plant life.

Seed principle. This day lasts 2,000 million years.

4th Day. 1,750 million years ago: Let the physical shining bodies be appointed to provide signals, to regulate days, nights, months, seasons, years.

Time - 4th dimensional regulation. Sun, moon, stars in the Milky Way. Time regulators. This day lasts 1,000 million years.

5th Day. 750 million years ago: Let life form in the water and in the sky.

Life - 5th dimension - Ability to Move and Breathe. Sea animals and flying creatures i.e. insects, dragonflies. Living creatures. This day lasts 500 million years.

Click here for further background behind "seed" i.e. semen and sperm.

6th Day. 250 million years ago: Let life form on the land.

Land Animals, living instinctively, moving over the rich, red ground (adamah) evolving, communicating, perhaps even human-like - but no Adam (made from this red ground) until the last part of the 6th day. This day: 250 million years.

Man - 6th dimension - Ability to reason (having logos / logic) and choose right from wrong. At the close of the Agricultural Age, 4000 BC, at the dawn of the Bronze Age
"Let us make Adam in our image (shadow) to be conformed into our likeness". And so, more living creatures, able to tend a huge garden, oversee the other creatures, but also given a spirit that could enjoy, worship i.e. worth-ship - love God at the highest level, building a real family. But sadly as we know, very young in their new life, they choose to eat fruit from the tree with the knowledge of good and evil — learning not only how to build (along with their lack of capacity in that area), but also how to destroy.

7th Day. 7th dimension. God at rest. Set apart.

Rest - from God's perspective - is where God is. Man - in the natural - not there yet.
This day seems to be coming up really fast.

And, seen in proportion with fifteen billion years of creation, seven thousand years of man thus come like the smallest fraction of a second at the close of the sixth day. "But He (Christ) has appeared once for all at the culmination of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself." Hebrews 9:26 NIV

A bit like being seen right up next to the crest of an enormously powerful wave, approaching the shore, and yet many saying it will stay like that forever.

Six Thousand Years of Toil. One Thousand Years of Coming Celebration.

For 6000 years - mankind on its own - and for 31 years - with the Son of God. A Preview.
Main Event - 1000 years - coming up shortly.

Click here for Timeline, as recorded in the Scriptures.

4018 BC: The Father of all mankind, Adam is created.
Gains Eve - Mother of all living. 2008 years of the Father.

2010 BC: The Father of Faith, Abraham is born. Believes in the Promise - the Spoken Word of God.
Gains this Son of Promise. 2008 years of the Word.

2 BC: The Son of God, Jesus is born - the Living Word of God.

  1. Conceived not through flesh, but through the Holy Spirit - the Anointed One.
  2. Introduced with John's baptism at the age of 30, when the Holy Spirit (in the form of a dove) descends and abides upon him. Ministers for a full year Luke 4:18-19.
  3. Brought back to life by the Holy Spirit after His blood is shed at the close of Daniel's 69 weeks or 483 years (453BC - 31AD) Click here for this timeline reference in Daniel 9:25.

Jesus now promises and sends us this Holy Spirit. Thus 2008 years of the Holy Spirit.

1 John 5:7-11 - "There are three that bear witness in Heaven,

  1. the Father (the invisible 'stillness', the outside 'generator' outside of time, from whom all things come)
  2. the Word (the invisible 'logic', the 'name-giving' there at the beginning of time, through whom all things 'are spoken' into existence)
  3. and the Holy Spirit (the invisible wind and movement / waves of energy inside of time, in whom all things exist), these three agree as one".

See too 1 Corinthians 8:6, Romans 11:36, Ephesians 4:3-6

"On earth,

  1. the spirit, the invisible movement / wind, holy or unholy (that opposes the flesh)
  2. the water, the visible movement or flow of life (being separated through baptism)
  3. and the blood, the visible stillness (ouch that comes through dying / death, the last enemy)

these three agree as one."
"And this is the record, that God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son".

Following this numerical pattern:
Rosh Hashanah 2006 AD: The first day of the 7th month. Starting - the countdown in Daniel's 70th week, 7 years. See timeline reference above to Daniel 9:27. Exposure / Judgment starts. Acts 17:31.
Outward Peace agreement/covenant publicly confirmed with Israel in the United nations.
Israel is the major focus (but mostly not in a good way) for major nations throughout the world.
World population expected to reach 7 billion in 2010-12 — many with a short lifespan.

In the middle of this week, this 7 years, in March 2010, peace agreement broken. Click here. Judgment to then escalate significantly. Revelation 12:12. America shuts down in October 2013, as the financial system crashes. Click here.

Lord, does this next line us up with the Day of Atonement on the 10th day of the 7th month i.e. 9 days (9 years) after 2007, the 2016 year with its US election and Mr Trump becoming president? A time coming when all see the sign of the Son of Man in heaven (Matthew 24:30) and all the tribes of the earth shall mourn. Yes, a period of tribulation.

And in 2020, the whole world went quiet with COVID. Totally unexpected.

And in Matthew it then says they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds. Judgment on the earth.

A picture (is it Lord?) of a coming Feast of Tabernacles which lasts for a full week (7 years). A major feast, ushering in the millenium.

Then, after 1000 years, and another worldwide rebellion, the resurrection of every human being since Adam, and the Great White Throne Judgment - followed by a New Heaven and a New Earth.   Wow. Well, we know it's coming soon. Thankyou Lord. Steve.